Making Difficult Simple

Property/Home Inspections

Determines the condition of the property in a thorough physical inspection by licensed inspectors. 

Detailed, timely and thorough inspection
Experienced and licensed Inspectors
Detailed Reports
Estimate of major repair costs

Services We Provide

  • Properly Inspections
  • Lead Paint
  • Termite
  • Environmental issues
  • Radon
  • Well
  • Septic
  • Structural Inspections
  • Roof Certification

Combo Home Inspection and Feasibility Study 

Dual inspection process that includes a standard home inspection and a renovation feasibility study. This is a way to save money on a combo inspection rather than 2 different inspections. Our inspectors are both licensed home inspectors and certified renovation Consultants.

Our Commitment

We Do 4 Things 1 Way
  1. Provide Great Service
  2. At a Fair Price
  3. Accurately Performed
  4. Promptly Delivered

The 1 way: 

With Honor to Our Customers and to Their Customers